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Growth Mindset in the Art Room

Page history last edited by Gina Christoffel 3 years, 4 months ago

Curriculum Connection: Growth Mindset in the Art Room with Michael G.

·         Students learn in two ways: If I don't get it, I won’t OR Intelligence is a muscle I can grow.
·         See handouts for tips: Don't be afraid to say that's too easy--challenge students. Praise effort not challenge, (process, not product). Success takes work. Teach students to embrace criticism. Embrace mistakes.
·         Michael has requested a list from the hive to help with formal critique at the elementary level. He will share it with all. A wiki page will be dedicated to our collective suggestions:
·         Suggestions from Susan: Ask: "Who did something hard today?" or 5 second gallery.
·         Student surveys (beginning/end of year) to show percentage growth.
·         The Power of Yet...I can't do that, YET!
·         Ask student what they are thinking about why that can't do it...then, change can't to I can, if I....
·         Amazon has some good growth mindset books that take you month by month.
·         Taco or ice cream rubric.
·         Gallery walk...mini critique. What are we doing well? What can we improve on?
·         Two stars and a wish--2 things you like and one thing you wish was different. 



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